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with america's national security agency. >> president obama gave a candid and personal act thursday, as ha announced a ground-breaking initiative. it's called my brother's keeper in the government to help keep young black and hispanic boys in school. the president made the case, drawing on his personal experience growing up. >> when i was their age i asway lot like them. i didn't have a dad in the house. i was angry about it. i didn't realise it at the time. i made bad choices. i got high without thinking about the harm that it could do. >> president obama said the idea for the program came in the aftermath of the murder. it will receive $200 million for the next five years. magic johnson, n.b.a., is one of the businessmen pledging to help. >> rain is expected this weekend, but it will come at a cost. the state is bracing for a storm that could trigger flooding in mudslides. mandatory evacuations are under way. 1,000 homes may be in harm's way. >> conditions are changing. we are looking at changes if terms of rain and snow. we saw rain across parts of california. thursday we saw a break, a
reveals the national security agency and its british counterpart, the the government communications headquarters, or gchq, may have peered into the lives of millions of internet users who were not suspected of wrongdoing. a surveillance program codenamed "optic nerve" compiled still images of yahoo webcam chats in bulk and stored them in the gchq's databases with help from the nsa. in one six-month period in 2008 alone, the agency reportedly amassed webcam images from more than 1.8 million yahoo user accounts worldwide. the program was reportedly used for experiments in "automated facial recognition" as well as to monitor terrorism suspects. a more accurate name for the "optic nerve" program may have been "peeping tom" because it ended up collecting a large number of sexually explicit images. according to the documents, between three and eleven percent of the yahoo webcam images contained what the gchq called "undesirable nudity." yahoo responded to the news by denying any prior knowledge of the program, saying the spy agencies had quote "reached of a whole new level of violation of
of the us national security agency. oh and siemens rti who has said when you were not aware of norwood week don't miss reported activity. this report it to represent the whole new level of violation of our users' privacy and is completely unacceptable to talk a little bit more about how this program was carried out earlier i spoke with auntie sarah first in line and address answer how can she see each queue was collecting this information. but this is done by a wet can increase its intake in a jiffy teeth each key. at eighty eight by the nsa. i don't have that program catering to all taken at the end anyway essentially correct affiliated states had for many in sydney on he's an account one point eight million. i can sense a payment agency database is and how this information supposed to be used. well this is the antidote is to see school as experiments in fourth place in facial recognition. i know is he's workin' on tuesday sec's existing content that illustrates the discovery of new targets and intense and safe effective can be used to try to find cars of all criminals had been full of sai
every five minutes beginning in 2008 and shared with america's national security agency from yahoo. a growing number of asian people face a dilemma as their parents age, are they care givers or do they spend the parents to nursing homes and we go to a community trying to balance expectations while living in america. >> even on a weekend there is work for mary true looking after her children, husband and her 69-year-old mother who suffers from diabetes and deafness. together with her week-day job as a custodian true has a full plate. >> i get up at 2:00 and go to sleep at 5:45 i get up to prepare and get ready going to work, so it's a lot of pressure. >> reporter: three generations living under the same roof, that's a very typical arrangement for the families and endures for those who immigrated to the united states. >> and they take care of you and when you get older you return the favor as a way of thanking them. >> reporter: but maintaining that cultural mandate has become more difficult for families today in homes where both partners work full-time jobs so on week days true se
security agency may be willing to change the way it collects information on you. the chief says one option is to focus just on those domestic phone calls where a link to terror is suspected rather than collecting all phone records in general. >>> a delay in deciding when coalition troops will leave. with the security deal diminishing they say there are two options now. waiting for hamid karzai to leave office or plan for a complete withdrawal of troops by december. >>> new questions and confusion over whether there is a shortage of airline pilots. a new government report due out this morning says a large pool of qualified pilots exists, they just don't want to work for what the airlines are offering. >>> and today, the first batch of a massive trov of papers from the clinton white house will be released to the public. about 5,000 pages are expected today. in the next couple weeks, more than 25,000 others will be released. potentially sensitive documents relating to former first lady hillary clinton. this as she contemplates a 2016 white house run, of course. >> we're waiting for the releas
. they will be targeting individuals associated with national security activities. >> do you see any problem with the practice as outlined in the "guardian" article? >> intelligence agencies will look at the modern communication medium of the day, just like back before there was an nsa, there was national intelligence collection capability. they looked at telegraphs or telephones. in world war ii they looked at high frequency radio transmissions to track what the axis powers were doing. the intelligence communities have a mission to look at modern communications to keep us safe. i was in iraq during the surge and i led the intelligence element, and we were able to take the ied attacks in our area is down from 150 to 5 based on our intelligence collection date abilities -- data abilities. it helps control the bad people out there. >> yahoo! does disagree with you, bob, saying this report represents a whole new violation of our users' privacy. we strongly call on the world's governments. what are you think of what bob is saying? >> i don't think there's any disagreement that intelligence commu
issued by agencies such as the securities and exchange commission, the national labor relations board, they are excluded from cost benefit analysis otherwise required of other agencies. the congressional research service, bound between 2010 and 2012, nine independent agentcies issued 57 major rules, those are rules with a cost to the economy of over $100 million. 78 but none of those agencies monetized both cost and benefits in estimating the impacts of the rules. h.r. 899 codifies the principles of regulation in executive order 12866, issued by president clinton, and reaffirmed in executive order 13563, issued by president obama. it would also codify executive order 12866 requirement that agencies conduct a cost benefit analysis. h.r. 899 requires agencies to consult with the private sector prior toe promising a major rule. currently this requirement only applies to state, local, and tribal governments. in light of president obama's emphasis on early stakeholder input on the development of federal regulations, there is no reason to exclude private sector stakeholders from early consu
and the private sector. the securities and exchange commission, national labor relations board, federal communications commission, just a few example of agencies that impose regulations without consideration of the actual cost or impact on that on the public. now, this bill does not prevent agencies from creating regulations. it gives the impression that this will be a wild west and all these agencies will be limited. it only asks them to consider the costs in the -- and the impact of those regulations and to have some conversation with people and how it can be done less burdensome or less expensive. according to 2011 administrative law review article, analysis conducted by independent regulatory agencies is generally minimum, required by statute. in many instances, the independent regulatory agencies appear to be issuing major regulations without reporting any quantitative information on cost. o.m.b. 2013 draft report to congress on the benefits and costs of federal regulations and unfunded mandates provides a limited view of the cost-benefit analysis conducted by a limited number of i
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8